Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast Placemats

Who knew that microwaving frozen mixed berries would make some great watercolor-like paint? From the same bowl of berries, the children could get different shades of red and purple and pink.  So in a way, it was like art and science!  We used our berry-stained leaves as decorations for our placemats for the Thanksgiving Feast.

Here are what the children are feeling grateful for this year:

Br: "I am grateful for my family."
Za: "I am grateful for princesses, horses, cats, and Ak. I miss her."
Le: "I am grateful for my dog, Rucca, Lucy, and Katie."
Gi: "I am grateful for my brother named Ta."
Bl: "I am grateful for my mom, my dad, my baby brother. I sometimes love my friend, Aiden."
Ta: "I am grateful for the sun and the moon that shines and dogs and kitties and cows.  I'm almost thankful for everything! I love all the things in the land, even lions and bears."
Be: "I am grateful for my cat and my next door dog."
Sa: "I am grateful for a snake and drawing.  I used to like rainbows and I still like rainbows."
So: "I am grateful for riding on bicycles!"
Ha: "I am grateful that my mom and dad are coming to the feast."
Te: "I am grateful for my dogs, Ha, Gary, Le, Stephanie, Renee, and Ab."

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  1. I am grateful for the wonderful, safe, loving environment my daughter has to learn and grow in - I am grateful for Stephanie, Guada, Maria and all the Beansprouts family!


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