Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fava beans

My friends at Barron Park Preschool are constantly inspiring me with their ideas.  I made a humble attempt to copy them during this activity.

We explored and "planted" fava beans this week at preschool.  The children touched and looked and almost all of them had to smell the fava beans.  I told the children that the beans will pretend that the coffee filter is soil, hoping that would make sense to them why we were sprouting beans in cups.  Many children went home with fava beans in their pockets yesterday...

 We also stole some beans from Guada's morning activity!

In the photo above, Be is helping Br by explaining the process of planting the beans in the cups. After explaining it to the few children who had risen from nap, I thought I would charge those children with the duty of mentoring the longer nappers.

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