Monday, November 21, 2011

Leaf Man

Today's Bean Patch time was all about representation.

First, we read this great book from the library:

One of the children pointed out that it feels like a sad book, and in a way it can be. It's about the Leaf Man, who blows away with the wind and goes where the wind blows.  It takes the reader through a journey whose destination is unknown.  It has beautiful pictures of leaf collages that represent different animals, sceneries, and the leaf man.

Last week, we went on a leaf hunt and pressed our findings in a phone book. We had beautifully pressed leaves to work with for this activity.  We placed the leaves on a canvas, but our art was as transient as the Leaf Man and we deconstructed the art after photographing it.

"Aiken Drum" by Bl 

"A Flower" by Za 

"Aken Drum" by Sahil 

"A Tree with a Seed of Love (To Help It Grow)" by Ta 

"A Tree with Lightening" by Be 

"A Monster" by Br

Ha made Abiyoyo and I can't believe we forgot to photograph it! And Gi got through the planning phase on what he wanted to make (Aiken Drum), but didn't quite get to the "making" phase.  That's okay, though, because this activity was all about the process of thinking, planning, representing on paper, and translating it to art.  This symbolic reasoning is all about pre-literacy but most importantly, it gave is a chance to work in small groups to connect and be noticed.  And for the younger children,  the latter is all that this activity was about.

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