Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Foam tubes

Every now and then, I score at Home Depot.

Ever since swimming season has ended, the long foam pool noodles are nowhere to be found.  So I purchased pipe insulating foam for a few bucks and those things have brought hours of fun.



predator eyes

handlebar extenders

And then there's the good old pool noodles, used here as elephant trunks and baby bottles:

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  1. Isn't it funny how the simplest things can bring the MOST joy to children!? What a great idea...so many ways to use a simple object. Thanks so much for linking up at Thrifty Thursday this week! I'm following you and look forward to seeing what else you have to link up in the future!

  2. Aaaaand I just realized that I live not to far from your school! SMALL WORLD!! :)

    1. No way! We should meet up sometimes or visit each other's programs! I love networking with my fellow preschool people...


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