Monday, November 28, 2011

Aromatic embellishments

One of the worse things about air travel for me is the smells.  Exhaust, body odors, the stale air that comes out of those little twisty fans above my seat.

Conversely, when things smell good, I really appreciate it. I love natural aromas. I have a very sensitive nose so that even when I water my garden, my soul is inundated with the smell of herbs.  I especially love fresh lavender in the garden.

There have been many intentional aromas added to the preschool lately (including last week's pumpkin pie paint).  I know we have a few sensitive noses in our group who might appreciate some aromatic embellishments to everyday activities.

Pumpkin Pie Playdough

Just add some pumpkin pie spice (and color) to your everyday playdough recipe.

 Br noticed that when he pressed it into the placemat, it made an imprint in the playdough.

This is the day that Stephanie learned that it is indeed okay that Za discovered using playdough in the flour sifter and in fact it creates a pretty cool outcome.


Almond-Scented Moon Sand

We added almond extract to this recipe from Juggling with Kids and our bakery-themed dramatic play corner smelled amazing!  We used the most random combination of flours and it worked beautifully with mineral oil.   


Peppermint Liquid Transfer Activity

I came across this idea on Pinterest and thought, why not make a great idea greater by adding peppermint extract and red food color? We passed this bowl around the circle when I was showing it to the children and we literally only spilled a single drop : )  And they loved the smell.

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