Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hisae, our student teacher this quarter, did a great cupcake activity with the children when we started the Bakery theme in our dramatic play corner.  After seeing these lovely pretend cupcakes at Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone, I had to post about our activity! (I wonder if this activity could work with this homemade craft clay from Busy Bee Kids Crafts...).

I thought one of the best parts of this activity was when she brought out a huge bin, a bag of flour, and pitchers of water. The kids got to get their hands dirty to mix the simple flour and water dough mixture. This would work well with a standard salt dough, too.

Hisae set out a creative assortment of materials to decorate, including beans, confetti, sequins, colored pasta, glitter shakers, and colored wooden sticks, plus baking cups and these beautiful plastic glasses. She also had food coloring at the table for mixing the salt dough into beautiful colors.


  1. Looks so tasty and SOOOO colorful! What fun!

    Here is the link to a post on loose parts since you said you were looking for ideas...enjoy!

  2. Cute!! I'm going to pin this! :)


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