Monday, November 28, 2011

Frogs, Water Beads, and an Overhead Projector

Materials needed:
Stirrer (e.g. chopstick)
Clear tray w/ a half inch or so of water
An overhead projector*
This can also be done just in a sensory tray but it's way cool to project it!

Water beads also make an awesome sensory table (this was our Halloween themed sensory bin)

And there are many uses for overhead projectors--here we have mineral oil and colored water (stirred with a chopstick):

Another idea--any props that you'd use on a light table:

*Safety note: Please supervise carefully any time you are using water on top of something powered by electricty.  Our overhead projector has a very long cord that we tucked behind a shelf, and we covered the machine itself (minus the vents) with saran wrap to prevent water from getting inside of it.

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