Thursday, September 1, 2011


What's that sound?  It's the sound of Fizz Painting, a very popular activity we did this week.  Thanks, Teacher Tom, for linking up Quirky Momma!  We used 2 parts cornstarch to 3 parts baking soda, and poured hot water in it while whisking.  We used almost a gallon of vinegar (yes, a gallon). Luckily all of these items come in bulk.

The idea is to paint with a baking soda-cornstarch mixture, then spray it with vinegar to make the paint fizz.  It works great, and Te had the obvious idea of doing both steps simultaneously!

Check out the bubbles!

(But what you can't hear is the sound!)

While some kids wanted to work in a communal space:

Others preferred a more solitary environment:

And because kids are so expansive in their thinking and activities, they found many interesting places to use the materials:

Wanting to break away from the communal area, now covered in paint and vinegar...

Le and Bl decided to travel all the way around the yard:

to eventually land back in their original positions:

And, the inevitable outcome of any preschool art activity:

As Teacher Tom mentions, there is an element of care to be taken when children have squirt bottles full of vinegar.  However, with a little coaching and surprisingly few reminders, only one person fell victim to a vinegar mist in the face.  Luckily it was merely the effect of being downwind from another artist, but it told me that even children as aware as our Beansprouts still need some practice in spatial awareness.

I hope you get to hear the sound of fizz paint soon!


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