Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back To Basics

Sometimes, between Pinterest and my obsession with preschool blogs, I lose track of the simpler things that children can enjoy each day.  Over the past couple of weeks, and in the wake of our holiday curricula for Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and Purim, we're getting back to basics.

Good Old Fashioned Painting

Sensory and Science Play
(this is the remnants of one afternoon of dropping liquid colors into slime--exactly the type of mess that reflects the development of scientific inquiry!)

Sand Play 
(we finally re-created the sandbox and the children spend lots of time there, as this picture depicts well)

While we haven't been keeping current on our blog, we're still here doing fun things with the children each day (and of course, pinning a bazillion things on Pinterest!).

Until Next Time,

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