Rubber Bands

When I found a bin full of rubber bands in the storage area (thank you, Leslie!), I thought we should make a "work" out of them.  Hmmm...

I came up with this:

Some cylinder blocks, some wooden blocks, some rubber bands, and there you go, hours of fun.  Those balls were covered with rubber bands and for some of the kids, the fun part was peeling them off.

 They liked it so much that I want to buy a set of rainbow colored rubberbands (most of ours are brown) to add the dimension of pattern-making.  My friend (or his preschoolers, not sure which) had the idea of allowing the children to rubber band two cylinder blocks together. It's trickier than I thought it would be for them to double up a rubber band around the smaller blocks.  The said friend also added many different shapes of blocks, so I'll be trying that, too!

Fun fact: a big pile of rubberbands is, like, the easiest thing ever to clean up.  So offer the rubber bands in ample quantities!


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