Friday, November 19, 2010

Bike Painting

I really can't believe I haven't posted this...we did it last week or so and we took lots of pictures intending to blog about it.  Must have slipped my mind!

We had some nice long pieces of cardboard left from our cardboard Halloween maze, so we used it as a road to paint on!  Shortly after starting this activity, we saw how beautiful the tire prints were and decided to "keep" the activity.  We lined the cardboard road with white butcher paper saved it when we were done.  It's on display in the classroom now!

 We started with Em using chalk to demonstrate what she thought would happen when the kids rolled their bikes through the paint puddles.  Bl looks like he's considering his own plan of what will happen.  Mitch, as usual, wants to watch from a distance.

 It would go all the way to the end

Here are the first two tire marks (or three)

 The paint wasn't making it to the end so we added more paint to the puddles.

 Sa wanted to walk his bike through the paint but that didn't seem conducive to our plan to keep the paint on the cardboard.

Then again, neither is letting dogs walk through paint.

Here is culprit #1 (Dexter), but they were both caught pink-pawed! 

Everyone got multiple turns who wanted them.

A "turn" was going around once and passing the bike to someone who was waiting.  Now that we've done this activity, we'll probably let kids take as many laps as they want before passing the bike.

Be chose to just watch but did a great job of moving the climbing structure out of the way so the kids could pass on the bikes.

Our print in its beginning phase.  Look how cool the pattern is, with different colors on different parts of the tires' circumference.  

Clean up was almost as fun as painting.  We washed the driveway so it wouldn't stain (the downside of renting our space is keeping things clean!).  Puddles are always fun, though, whether paint or water.

It looks like I must have left out the pictures where Ha and Te found that I had left gallons of paints (with pumps like you find on ketchup and mustard dispensers at the concession stand) sitting unattended.  You see them in the background going to town.  What was I thinking?


  1. You make have been in a rut but the kids were having fun' keeping track.'

  2. It was fun reading thru this day of trike painting. I love messy fun. It is so uninhibited. Love your blogs Stephanie. You share so many fun ideas, Patty your fellow provider friend.


Thank you for the comments! Always appreciated : )

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