Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love at Beansprouts

I started my student teaching at Beansprouts with love in the air.  Because it was near Valentine's Day many of our circle time activities involved talking about feelings and allowed the kids to share their feelings about who they love.  Our songs were all about feeling love and how you have more when you give it away.

It wasn't long before the first little beansprout sat in my lap at circle and exclaimed, “I love you, Leslie.” I can't tell you how much this warmed my heart. Of course it was followed up quickly by a, “and I love my mom too.” It was heartfelt and spontaneous and so encompassing of the general feeling of love at this school.

I have worked in many different child care environments. In all cases the children were well cared for, but in no other place have I experienced such a fondness between teachers and children. It's easy to take this for granted. Our new student teacher, Tracy, noticed this right away. On both her first and second day she noted, “The kids are so happy here.”

The children at Beansprouts know they are being cared for by loving and respecting teachers. This is important not only for their emotional development, but for all aspects of development. What can children learn from an adult they do not trust or feel comfortable around? Because the basis of their learning comes from a well established relationship I believe the children here are more open to guidance. Coincidentally, it also makes Beansprouts a great place to work!


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