Wednesday, October 6, 2010

100% Child Initiated Scientific Discovery

Here's what these three did when Br discovered this white floaty thing that I think is the seed of something...
Br calls me over "Stephanie, come see this thing!"  "What is it?" I ask.  "This thing, come and see it!" he exclaims.  It floats back and forth across the sidewalk, but the wind is so light that it's hard to make the connection between the "thing"'s movements and the breeze.  They laugh every time it moves or changes directions.  They discuss it as if it is a living creature, like a bug. 

They call a friend over, and that friend offers an idea.  The wind doesn't let the mist of the spray bottle saturate the thing as they were expecting.  

Be sacrificed all of the water in his water bottle to dump on the thing, even though he was told we weren't refilling any more water bottles that day, all in the name of scientific exploration.

 They shout at it.

Be re-assesses his previous decision.

They label it dead but stay to pay proper homage to the thing that had devoted it's existence to the entertainment and discovery of children.

 They build up the courage to touch it...

 and encourage friends to do the same.

They continue to find ways to try to make the thing move as it had before it was drenched.

They stomp it and squish it.

Ten minutes later, Br and Le still ponder the life and death of the thing.


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