Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping along the ABC's

Okay, so the kids don't actually know this is a "leap" year inspired game, but I thought a little animal ABC hop scotch game was in order, what with "leaping" and "hopping" going hand in hand.  Are ya with me?

The game consists of those three little cuties waiting to find their way home. So what is a puppy or baby bird to do? Follow the ABC's to the dog house or the bird's nest. 

They get to meet lots of little insects along the way.  We'll see how the children use this and make it their own.  Lately, we've had a lot of board games that are geared toward older children since a group-wide interest in board games has emerged (so predictably 4 1/2 year old stuff!).  I thought it was time to simplify it for the kids who like board games but get overwhelmed by all of the rules.  This is a "make it your own" kind of game.

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