They made me a house

I. Love. Loose. Parts.

Having loose parts in the yard allowed the children to be guided by their imagination and inspiration to collectively build a house...for me!

It started with some bricks and a piece of plywood

When the frame was complete, that's when the ideas...and teamwork...really started to blossom

They built steps

and designated areas for rooms

Lots of dirt was intentionally spread to create a "yard"

And they did some container gardening as well

Inspired by all of the greenery, they made a "real" garden in the "front yard"

They made sure my dogs would have a great selection of dog toys in their new house

And the toys were sprinkled with dirt...

as were the stairs, for a very important reason, of course. I don't know what that reason was, but I trust that there was a good one.

They were busy children that afternoon.  
Extremely focused, cooperative, intentional, productive children.

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  1. I love how their imagination was at work here - great post!


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