Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snow Paint

I was surprised at how much the children enjoyed this old, tried and true favorite. I admit it--I really thought my kids were too old to enjoy a simple, sensory experience with three dimensional paint.  
Say what???

Well I personally enjoyed how the paint felt between the brush and the container. It was cathartic. 

We mixed:
some shaving cream
school glue
blue glitter (can be omitted or sprinkled afterward)

Goes on thick, dries puffy and and smooth. 

Bl and Ro wanted to do their projects together, which involved a lot of criss crossing of arms and exchanges of words:

This moment made me realize how badly I need a drying rack:

The kids couldn't keep their hands off the finished products.


  1. Hey this looks fun. I've got to try this with my 2 and 4 year olds.

    Veronica @

  2. Great idea! I need to get some shaving cream, and then we will try this! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for the comments! Always appreciated : )

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