Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dr. Seuss Day Activities

Green eggs and tofu (and as you can see we had a pajama day, too!):

The kids made a "One Fish, Two Fish" book of their own:

That activity inspired this activity (mixing primary colors on a fish)

 Stripy "Cat in the Hat" collage

Felt stars to take on and off (like in The Sneetches)

Somebody colored in her book, which made me realize how perfectly appropriate it would be for them to write and illustrate their own books...

Cat in the Hat snack fail:

Lots of reading of Dr. Seuss books

Making Thing One and Thing Two

Having this Dr. Seuss birthday party was still a beautiful way to honor the legacy that he left us.  How often I am moved when I read his books, even after so many years of preschool teaching.  Dr. Seuss was a master of writing books with life lessons woven throughout the story line, but without the "teachy" feeling of some books (ahem, I won't name any names, classic Bear family series with horrible illustrations).

An interesting aspect of the day was when children asked when Dr. Seuss was coming to his birthday party.  At first I explained that Dr. Seuss is in the books and part of the books, but they thought I meant that he was a character and they began to look for him on the pages.  Then I told them, "It's kind of like when you draw a picture and you put your love into it...that's what Dr. Seuss did when he wrote these books for all of the children."  This absolutely did not help them understand any better but I liked that explanation better and the children eventually stopped expecting Dr. Seuss to barge through the door.


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  1. We read a few more of his stories at story time and sang Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss too!

  2. When Hayley came home I asked how the Dr Seuss party was and she replied, "He not come" - I thought that was hilarious!


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