Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For our All About Me theme, we did body tracings and painted them with our skin color. We mixed these paints to create a close match to our own skin color.

 Okay, the display mural could have been nicer, but don't those body cutouts look great? And although the photo doesn't capture the display in the best light, isn't the array of skin tones beautiful?

After the children all did their bodies...

they insisted that we do one of our mascot:

Here we are trying to match Ro's skin tone:

We also traced the children's silhouettes using the overhead projector against the wall (sorry, no photos of the tracing process): 

The kids colored them with these crayons:

The best self-portraits are those of the self-initiated variety:


  1. Wow! Those are great! I'll have to remember that when we do our All About Me theme. :)


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