Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting organized

I spent one hour (just one!) making an organization system for our classroom.  I tend to have my own little notes (er, in my head) about things I want to do with the kids, and occasionally we have a weekly plan that corresponds to the curriculum theme.

And although I tend to thrive in an environment that allows for spontaneous inspiration, I do have those days when inspiration doesn't come and I need a plan.  And when I have a plan on a day when inspiration does come, I can use that inspiration for other things, like how to upgrade the environment, or what to add to the sensory table, or what new station to set up in the classroom.

We have a schedule of who is in charge of what and which days so I put that in the binder, plus some extra weekly planning sheets.  

I like to save stuff, so I made a place to save our old curriculum plans. Hey, why reinvent the wheel next time we do the theme? At least we have some skeletal components for the theme next year.

Since we've been doing printed daily logs of our activities, we can save those for reference, too. 

Now that the system is in place, it will be much easier to follow it.

(Fingers crossed!)

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