Thursday, October 27, 2011

Felted Stones

Ever since I saw the post about felted stones on I'm a Teacher, Get Me Outside Here, I have wanted to make some for our classroom.  I found orange and green wool roving at the fabric store and the children who were interested helped me make soft wool covered stones. I thought these would make great pumpkins!

I am loving natural open-ended props in the classroom.  We do have lots of children, especially girls, with a gatherer instinct (you know the ones who like to gather and hoard lots of things in boxes or bags). I believe there is something innate about this drive because it seems to repeat itself with various groups of kids.

In the photo below, they were still wet three days later.  Why? Because the children, after we made them, thought that the way we use them is to get them wet and soapy. They took the felting activity very literally...and I must not have explained it very well!

Using a felting needle, I added the pumpkin leaf and vine on top, although they look more like persimmons to me!

(Notice the playdough-filled balloons in the background? These are a great focusing tool for the kids who are wiggly at circle time, and they are a great therapeutic tool in general.)

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