Monday, October 17, 2011

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Hey! We passed our 150th post! Since I tend to make a bigger deal than necessary about our blog milestones, I'll celebrate with a little reminiscing about past Halloween seasons...

Halloween 2010

 The Indoor Pumpkin Patch

Black sparkle paints on black bats

 Humongous coffee filter jack-o-lanterns

 Golf tees and pumpkins

 Discussions, in this case, what we're going to be for Halloween

 Ghosts and sequins

 A huge cardboard bat that hovered over our lunch tables in the patio for weeks!

 The maze (they've been asking for a maze since they heard the word Halloween)

 Halloween hats and simple props

 Pumpkin guts


 Orange playdough

 Orange paint

And, well, great facial expressions!

Halloween 2009
(notice how we like our traditions!)

 The day Br fell asleep with a pumpkin!
Part of our Halloween tradition has been just to have pumpkins laying around everywhere.

Halloween 2008 (Beansprouts' First Halloween!)

 Orange playdough

 Five Little Pumpkins felt set

 Pumpkin Potato Head
Our first maze!


  1. OH MY!!!!

    i love all of these!


  2. I LOVE your idea of hammering golf tees into pumpkins! What a fantastic activity! I've been looking for something "easy" (is that possible with preschool) to do with tools, so this could be a good start!

  3. The indoor pumpkin patch is a great play idea! If I was still teaching preschool, I'd be all over that one! I just bought a pumpkin for golf tee hammering the other day. I'm going to set it up tomorrow. Thanks for sharing on It's Playtime.


Thank you for the comments! Always appreciated : )

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