Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mud Play

Did you know that mud play is so widely recognized as a beneficial activity for children that there is an international holiday honoring Mud Play???

We set up a new mud play area in the backyard, where kids spent hours last week making mud pies and the like.  It is an area where wonderful social, sensory, gross- and fine-motor, and imaginary experiences take place.  Tristan has agreed to loosen the soil in the area to make even more dirt available for mud play! 

We've since added a small play kitchen and taken down that ridiculous basketball hoop that was duct taped to the trees : )  Also, we've added lots of metal and wooden dishes and utensils purchased at Daiso, the $1.50 store.


  1. I love your mud pie kitchen - and the stumps. Don't they just make the perfect play surface?

  2. You may need to redo mud play day so Rosey can participate! Her favorite thing? Mud

  3. I don't know who Rosey is but mud play day is everyday around here, LOL. And as I recall Ms. T. washing her hair with mud yesterday?


Thank you for the comments! Always appreciated : )

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