Monday, August 8, 2011

Discovering Light

Ingredients for fun:
Party lights
Props (we used shells for our beach theme)

While it looks as though we had the lights off for this, we totally didn't.  In fact, this room has a huge window just across from this activity table, so the room was quite well-let.  As a variation I would place larger props in the area because then the light really has the ability to make colored shadows (try it, you'll see what I mean!).  You can buy the party bulbs and clip-on lamps for for under $40 (for everything) at the hardware store.  Supervision is required, of course, but the bulbs don't get incredibly hot and the wiring can be hidden (for the impulsive ones in your group).

This activity ties into our beach theme because this week we'll discuss the sun and discover light.

Cleanup provisions: Yes, it took ten minutes to sweep/vacuum the cornstarch from the floor.  
Uh, worth it!

Variations: I'd love to add some prisms, drinking glasses or ball jars, and more mirrors to this station.  
Tomorrow : )



  1. I like the idea of adding light to the table. Very cool effect!!

  2. Awesome!!! We are going to do it.

  3. Cornstarch would be an awesome sensory table idea! We've done flour :P and adding the light seems awesome! I love the handprints that were made. I'm featuring this on It's Playtime this week!


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