Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the evolution of the ice bowl

To conclude our beach theme, we are spending the week talking about all things water.  This unit would not be complete without frozen bowls of water to explore!

I think their favorite part was just feeling the cold temperature of the ice. 

Ro suggested we try melting crayons on top of it, so we did that.

Later, I found the ice dome here (this wooden plank was one of the children's "surfboards", true to form during our beach theme!).  This was over an hour later...this was the ice that wouldn't quit!

It migrated around quite a bit...

Later I found it here in the mud pie kitchen.

And later on a stump, where Te and Sa used it in their dramatic play.

I know for sure at one point Za used it on her food when she had an owie.

What an easy, dynamic prop to introduce in the outdoor environment.

And tomorrow we will un-peel some frozen water balloons and do some science-ing on those!!!


  1. How fun! Your outdoor area looks heavenly. :) Thanks for linking up on my (very new) linky party, Link Your Mess!

  2. I featured you on this weeks Link Your Mess! :)


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