Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chalking things up

I finally used the Rust-Oleum Chalk Board Paint that I purchased months ago at the hardware store. (Amy at Child Central Station led us to a recipe for home-made chalkboard paint and it looks so simple that I'm going to have to try it!)

The side of this shelf definitely needed to be covered in chalkboard paint! I used painters tape to create two sections. My goal is that the top would be used for text, maybe a label for the picture below or something.

Here's me wondering what the kids will do with this cool little chalkboard space?

Well, they did use the top for text...

We made sure to equip the area with the right tools...
namely a reliable supply of chalk and a wet rag for a dustless and thorough erase. 

I also used chalkboard paint to cover the ugly pre-decorated side of this beautiful train table.  Okay, I might have "helped" kick things off by adding roads and a skyscraper.

Which they promptly erased and fixed.

Sometimes one path is all we need.  Makes things much less complicated.

So with these chalkboard spaces available, I can get rid of our chalkboard easel, right? 

OR I can add baby food jars of water with feathers and watercolor brushes so the kids can do a little zen water painting.

Some day, I will find black chalk board paint and paint a huge wall of it!!!


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  1. I gotta get me some black board paint! :)

  2. You can make your own in any color!!! Works brilliantly!

    1. Totally forgot--I think I pinned that post! I gotta try this...


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