Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snow Dough

If you get a text from me that looks like this:


that's just Frosty the Snowman saying 'hi'.

We read a couple of snowman books this week:

We tried this snow dough recipe from Nurture Store and it worked out great! Explaining to the kids why our "snow" dough was warm was interesting!  It's very easy and is a good activity in a pinch. If you modify the recipe (see link) and add a tad extra water and white flour to balance the stickiness, it doesn't dry as fast and will stay "sticky". We gave the kids trail mix, ribbon pieces, and pipe cleaners to add embellishments.

Some kids discovered "melting" the snowmen...

And yes, some of these pictures were taken at night. It gets dark at around 5:30pm these days.


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