Festive Cotton Ball Garland

Our inspiration for this quiet and very engaging after-naptime activity came from A Fanciful Twist via Crafty Crow.  We did not tie the ends of the embroidery thread (I told the kids they could try tying if they wanted, or just wrap the strings very tightly. Both worked.)

I precut the embroidery thread into pieces roughly a foot long.

Once we had a pretty nice collection, I began to thread them onto a piece of dental floss (yes, I said that, it was the best thing I could think of for this activity).

Since I was using an embroider needle, I could have let them do it. But I didn't want to disrupt the focus on the task at hand.

As children woke from nap, they quietly joined us.

Look how many they made! And after some time, they discovered using more than one piece of string on each cotton ball, and at the very end of the activity... 

They just went for it! 

Thanks, Vanessa @A Fanciful Twist), for the inspiration! 


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