Monday, January 23, 2012

Let Them Drink Juice!

It's only 100% juice here at Beansprouts...and that juice comes straight from the source!

Last week, our juice was orange-carrot-celery-apple-persimmon.

10 out of 12 children loved it!

Surprisingly, the children didn't like me using the term "pooping" to describe how the juicer released the pulp.  I thought it would be funny...but I guess they were disturbed that I was using this crude bodily function terminology to describe something we were about to consume.

I want to add a close-up so you can see the nice color of the juice (and more importantly, why you will see why I call it "pooping the pulp"!).

Bottoms up!


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  1. wow, 10 out of 12?! I find that when I try these things with the kiddos they don't care for it.


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