2012, Year of the Dragon

I guess we've had dragons on the brain lately, what with the year of the dragon unfolding before us.

We spent the last two school days constructing a dragon fit for a Lunar New Year parade (just my humble opinion, you know).

First, we bunched up a long piece of butcher paper by twisting it up, and then covered that "filling" with another piece of butcher paper that we wrapped around it.

The children painted it green and orange and added glitter (even though we planned to cover it with fabric)...

Then, the children added glue and scraps of bathing suit material that Hisae gave us (we miss you, Hisae!).

This took a lot of children, a lot of cutting, a lot of glue, and a lot of time.

They also had to negotiate who got to put fabric in which space and who is entitled to their "own" space versus which area of the dragon is for collective decoration.

After adding a nose made by Be and Ha, and eyes made by Be, Br and Ha, and the necessary component of fire coming from its mouth, we suspended the dragon to display it's colorful flamboyance in the classroom.  With glitter and glitz and a dominating presence, it truly represents the fearlessness and power that this mythical creature embodies.


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