Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Simple Ladybug Game

Simple Lady Bug Game
Inspired by my friend Tanya of Tanya's Learning Garden who does lots of clothespin games with children!  Andrea brought in the ladybug chart and it was just the perfect thing to make a work out of.

Items needed:
Chart w/4 or more ladybugs with varying numbers of spots
Cards with numerals that correspond with number of spots on each ladybug
Laminator, if needed

Variations are endless depending on the theme:
Bee stripes
Pieces of fruit
Vehicles in groups of different sizes OR
Vehicles with different numbers of tires, passengers, etc.

Can also vary according to developmental abiltiies:
One clothespin per card
No clothespins, just match by placing card on top
Match correct number of dots rather than numerals

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