Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bee Inspired

Beansprouts Preschool was all about the bees the past week.

  • Tasting honey
  • Dancing finger puppets to "Flight of the Bumble Bee"
  • Bee paper collages
  • Bee playdough props w/yellow playdough
  • Bug-making out of old CD's
The older children explored preliteracy and pre-writing concepts around the bee theme.

They each chose a word to write and draw about that had to do with bees.  Many of theme wanted to do more than one word.  The words to choose from were "dance" "colony" "pollinator" "bee" "buzz" "honey" and "hive", all words we have been exploring this week during our bee studies.  I was amazed at what they came up with in their art and also how excited they were to write the words.  

They practiced some fine-motor skills by tracing the bees' paths to the hive!

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