Friday, June 3, 2011

Some cool stuff: Preschool science and sensory

Blogging has been slow on our end but I wanted to share some of the activities of the last couple of weeks.

 Prints on the foot massage board (acquired from the dollar store)

Cornstarch trays, colored water, a pitcher of plain water, and droppers 

Oil, water, salt, and color in clear containers.  Inspired by Bev Bos.
It was very cool.  I highly suggest making these materials available for children and watch what they do with it.  It was amazing science and sensory!

Cornstarch and water tea time

 Shaving cream trays

 Silly putty (made from white school glue and Borax)

  Silkworm props at the playdough table (white pipe cleaner pieces, sticks, and black pom poms for eggs)

 silkworm eggs w/magnafying glasses

 Condiment bottles with glue colored w/liquid water colors (plus a little cornstarch to thicken).  They were leaky (a dollar from Target, what did I expect) so I added plumber's tape to the rims and they worked like a charm.  We covered the table with white shelf liner and Leslie brought out some straws through which the paint could be blown easily.  This was fun, shiny, slippery, and watching the drops come out of the containers was awesome)

My friend Katy had this great idea: color on tile pieces and white off with damp clothes.  We used highlighters.

A cornstarch bin and an empty bin, with water and droppers

Chair washing...scrub brushes, soapy water, and lots of help from kids.

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