Friday, May 20, 2011


In order to maximize the children's sense of ownership over their experience at Beansprouts, we try to allow children as many opportunities as possible to practice independence.  Now that they are getting older, these experiences have gotten more varied.  I wanted to share one great example of how the "system" has supported autonomy and encouraged leadership.

Usually before snacks and lunch, we call the kids over to the "soap area" to wait for soap to be passed by a teacher or child.  One day, after I made the announcement for lunch, two children approached me.  One of them wanted to pass out the soap and one wanted to call the names of the person whose turn it was to wash their hands.  I said okay and gave them the soap.  Next thing I knew, a beautifully orchestrated system of passing out soap and washing hands had ensued, with Le and Be gracefully taking on the role of leaders.

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