Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snap painting

There have been a few blogs featuring their trials and successes on this activity.  We just had to try it!  Plus, I had some to-go containers that I needed a use for.

Snap Painting
Inspiration here and here

Materials needed
  • Box
  • Rubber bands (large enough to wrap around the box one time without making the box collapse) 3 or 4 per box
  • Paper to fit inside the box
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Tongs, tweezers, or fingers
  • A wet towel nearby for wiping up spills and dirty hands
What to do
  • wrap rubber band around the box (we used masking tape on the plastic container so it would not cut through the rubber bands)
  • place paper inside the box
  • use paintbrush to paint color onto rubber band(s)
  • using fingers or tongs, pull up on the rubber band in the middle and snap it down by letting go (a teacher or another child may want to help by holding the box in place).
  • watch as paint splats on the paper, the table, and probably all of the faces watching the activity

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