Friday, March 4, 2011

CD prints

Let me start off by saying that I'm not a super huge fan of printing projects.  They tend to generate a mass-production cycle because the kids can make one master and print several pages from it.  I like when other teachers do it, I just tend not to like it myself.  That's why this project started out as a stamp-making project, inspired by Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning (a favorite blog of mine as you are starting to learn!)

We would glue the buttons on the cd's to make our own stamps.  However, I didn't feel like waiting for the white glue to dry, nor did I feel like micromanaging the hot glue guns.  I wanted something a little more instantly gratifying. 

So, instead, with a quick snap of my fingers, the project became CD prints.

CD Prints

Materials needed
  • Junk CD's
  • Paint and paintbrushes 
  • Paper (we used paper that was circular)
  • Lots of space to dry final product
  • Optional: a tray with a wet and dry towel to wipe off CD's for the next person's turn or have a sink or water bin nearby
  • Note: if you place CD's exactly like this, you can fit three on a 8x11 paper (if you want circular prints and to not waste a lot of paper)
What to do
  • Paint CD's
  • Apply paper and press with hands or roller to make a print
Each print is really abstract and colorful and unique.  It was fun to watch the children figure out cause and effect and also to see how vibrant the colors looked on the metallic surfaces. 

Some kids like to stack the prints (there are a couple of stacks in the photo), which is fine with me (these are also the kids who like to fold and crumple up their art...not sure what drives this particular behavior but it always comes up with each group of kids so I'm assuming there is something innate about also highlights the fact that for many kids, it's about the process of creating rather than the final outcome). 


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  1. Hi Dude,

    Interesting blog. There are many printers, who can print directly on CDs without using any label paper. You first need a printer that can print directly on CDs, and also special CDs that can be printed on. Thanks a lot for sharing this blog with everyone.



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