Friday, September 3, 2010

*social development*

I guess you could say that social development and the development of the self concept is sort of a priority in the Beansprouts curriculum.  Other things happen more easily when these are in place.

But how are we teaching them to be social?  Well, we provide protocols, like what to say if you are waiting for a turn with something ("Can I use that after you?" or "Can you give me that when you are done?").  Or what to say when you want to play with someone ("Can I play with you?" or "Which one can I use?" or "What game are you playing?").

But aside from providing some of the verbage to be used in the social environment, we really just allow the rest to unfold.

When the child is ready for social interaction, the motivating factor is social interaction. We really don't need to "teach" anything because they will try things until they figure out what works for them.

I consider my job to create the setting for development to take place.  There is a rich potential in each child for the development of every part of themselves.  I don't provide is already there.  We just set the stage so that the development can reach its fullest potential.


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