Friday, September 3, 2010

Child-led curriculum

As you may have noticed, our new curriculum theme is The Grocery Store!  We are very excited about implementing this theme and have brainstormed lots of activities and concepts that can be included into this theme.  Leslie really brought the theme to life on Wednesday with her Grocery Hunt (she hid pictures of food in the backyard and the kids went and found them) and the Favorite Food project in the Bean Patch (a collage in which the kids loaded their printed shopping carts with images of their favorite foods).

Why did we choose this theme?  Well, after visiting Barron Park Preschool a couple of weeks ago, we noticed all of the real food on their dramatic play shelves (real canned food, empty containers, even dried out bagels and a whole coconut!).  So we implemented the idea here.

Then one day the children started "buying" food with the pirate's treasures in the classroom.  They had so much fun with that (and imagine all of the learning opportunities going on there) that we added small re-usable shopping bags to the dramatic play area.  Well, it took off from there.

And here we are, the beginning of our grocery store theme!

And we're looking forward to our field trip to Cosentino's Market next week!


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