Sunday, April 8, 2012

Floral inspired art

This idea originally came from my friend Kim, who may very well have the deepest sense of aesthetics of anybody I know.  She first planted the seed in my mind that aesthetics and beauty have a place in the preschool classroom years ago.  She inspired me by setting up activities and the classroom with beauty and often an unnecessary yet beautiful embellishments like flower bouquets or framed photos.

As most of you know, Beansprouts Preschool occupies half of my home. The most beautiful part of my house is the classroom!  There, I prioritize beauty (colors, organization, arrangement, natural materials) because I believe children deserve (and appreciate) it.

This activity, offering children a bouquet for inspiration but not instruction, and a few paints from the floral palette, will definitely be one we do often during the spring as children develop a connection between nature and art.  We will see how it unfolds in the weeks ahead.

I will post a few photos of our floral inspired art and then bid you adieu until next week, when we come back from our spring vacation.

Happy Easter!

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