Thursday, September 22, 2011


One day at Beansprouts Preschool, the children discovered that PVC pipes make great straws--for blowing bubbles in the water table!

Guada added some soap and the bubble-fest was on!

That afternoon, we made these:

By doing this:

We taped two straws together, hoping that the soap solution wouldn't travel that far upwards in the case of an accidental suck (it worked like a charm!)

And while some kids chose to make prints, 

Others thought it would be more fun to dunk the entire paper in the colored solution 
(and rip it to shreds, of course)

In honor of this emergent bubbly curriculum, we put suds and sponges in the water table:

And a lot of washing of arms went on there

We wanted to do some blow-painting
but thought it would be fun to use a balloon pump, 
just to see if it worked

It did, sort of.

Our final product (after eight children worked on the same one)
turned out quite unexpectedly

More bubbly activities:

-Good ol' baking soda and vinegar

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  1. My daughters would love blowing bubbles over their cups..they are so into blowing bubbles in their milk cups, which I don't usually let them do. So this would be so special for them!


Thank you for the comments! Always appreciated : )

We'll just skip circle time today.

This morning, I thought the kids and I would go outside a little extra early, enjoy the nice cool weather, do the art project I had planned ...