Friday, February 18, 2011

Grating Chalk and a Treasure Hunt

Two activities that incorporate the element of water:

Painting with Grated Chalk
Adapted from "Chalk Float Design" (MaryAnn Kohl)

Materials needed:
cheese grater
sidewalk chalk
paint brush(es)
white construction paper (I suggest 12"x18")
spray bottle
patience to let the kids explore the materials the way they choose : )

Treasure Hunt
Brought to you by Jeanette at Barron Park Preschool!

Materials needed:
laminated charts
objects to hide in containers
container with water, a small scoop of flour and a little salt, and a squirt of water color
(variation: use bird seed or play sand in which case the charts don't need to be laminated)
tray for each station
rag or towel for drying hands and areas
willingness to have a messy table

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