Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shaving cream table paint...making way for new ideas

   Bl felt how I felt as a new teacher, watching the kids take the art project in a whole different direction than planned.  It took him just a couple of minutes to open up to the new direction that this art project was headed.  I wish I could say that I evolved that quickly as a teacher.
The longer I teach, the more I value what the children bring to the table.  Today, I had a plan, and luckily I knew that a group of twelve strong-minded kids laugh in the face of a plan.  So part of the plan was letting go of the plan.  You are a very frustrated teacher if you haven't learned this skill.

My initial inspiration was this marbled print post that, while geared toward much older children, had components that I wanted to try with the kids.  We would do a collective shaving cream mess, and then make a print of it.

Needless to say, the kids had a way better idea of how to make this project completely fun.  My favorite part, besides the sunny day which allowed for a washing station in the water table, was watching how the kids interacted with each other in a completely cooperative and respectful and silly manner.  I didn't have to intervene at all, even when resources became limited (the usual cause for arguments).  I have been really blown away by the level of cooperation and communication between the kids. (For those of you outside of our direct community, they are ages 3ish to 4ish).

There were too many photos to upload to Blogger so please join me in a journey through Picasa, where the rest of this post is narrated through the photo captions...

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This activity is my best so far...this week : )


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  1. The quadruptle edged table clearly provided for a cool and smooothh shaving cream experience with fun a plenty in the nick of time. The colorful print also kept it from being a disposable experience. Nice.


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